Camargo Corrêa Desenvolvimento Imobiliário (CCDI) focuses its activities in the segments of residential real estate of high standard, standard AAA corporate buildings and logistics infrastructure projects. The company develops projects that stand out for the quality of products and execution, for the care of the environment and integration with the neighborhoods where they are located, supported by a work management system that is efficient and unique in the industry.

Aiming to perennial growth and investment plan maintenance, as strategic repositioning initiated in 2013, the company completed its internal reorganization in 2015. Important measures were taken in order to improve efficiency and productivity, helping to preserve the financial health and cash flow. The number of employees was resized and the processes were aligned on six pillars: Commercial, Products, Works, Operations, Finance and Legal Support. In order to provide support and more autonomy to this new structure, it was completed in 2015 the implementation of SIGPRO, an advanced information and project management integrated system.

In 2016, CCDI completes 20 years of experience. During this period, it delivered 67 developments.

Economic segment

With a solid position in the real estate market built over 40 years, HM Engenharia focuses its strategy on the development of standardized projects for the low-income housing segment, concentrated in the federal program “Minha Casa Minha Vida”. By means of well-defined and verticalized internal processes, it operates in a low cost saving system, thus minimizing the risk on the investments.

With operations in the countryside of São Paulo, HM Engenharia has wide experience in this segment, combined with a strict budget control, which has helped the company to achieve positive results even in times of economic stagnation.

The biggest highlight of 2015 was the completion of a major project in the city of Indaiatuba, in the countryside of São Paulo, with 2,050 units delivered in January 2016. In 2015, we also acquired four plots of land, located in Valinhos, Jaguariúna, Santa Barbara d'Oeste and Taubaté, continuing the expansion plan focusing on the outskirts of the city and the countryside. In Taubaté, the PSV of the joint ventures of 938 housing units (single-storey houses) is R$ 160 million.

For 2016, the company's prospects are predicting the return of the desired operating level, including production, sales and income indices. The investments in new plots of land will be kept. As for geographic expansion, HM Engenharia is open to new opportunities. A market of great interest at the moment is the Federal District.

Social and environmental

Strengthening its commitment to sustainability, CCDI has improved the management and construction processes, adopted measures to reduce water consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, both in the products design and in the sites of works in progress and implemented occupational health and safety practices and solutions of unpublished work in the domestic real estate sector.

With these actions, the year 2015 was marked by the achievement of the certification of the entire operation of the company in ISO 9001 (quality), PBQP-H A (Brazilian Program of Quality and Productivity of the Level A Habitat), ISO 14001 (environment) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety). CCDI is one of the few companies of the real estate development industry that has the quadruple certification in its full scope of operation.

The expansion of the “Good Neighbor Program” brought clarity and transparency to the relationship between CCDI and residents and workers in the surroundings of the joint ventures, allowing the anticipation of impacts and joint construction of solutions, with benefits for all.

A reflection of this commitment was the improvement of quality and client satisfaction perception. The deliveries of units reached 96% of acceptance in the first survey and in the annual survey of clients at all stages of the business life cycle CCDI has exceeded the satisfaction rate of 84%.

Another highlight is the inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions conducted by HM Engenharia. The survey was done in 2014 and in 2015, the company established a working group for the development of improvement projects to reduce CO2 emissions and thus make gains with cost reduction.

In the social sphere, the joint venture delivered by HM Engenharia in Indaiatuba generated positive impacts on the community. In addition to the high number of houses at low cost to the population, the project also includes the installation of a nursery and an elementary school and has brought numerous improvements in road urbanization of the surroundings.

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