With experience accumulated in more than 500 works over its 77-year history, Construtora Camargo Corrêa performs and develops projects in different segments of infrastructure and industrial buildings, such as energy, oil and gas, ports and shipyards, airports, highways, sanitation , mining and refineries among others.

Technical competence, achievement capacity and constant pursuit of operational excellence through the Camargo Corrêa Excellence Program (PECC), together with the ethics and control programs are the advantages of the company, focused on optimizing processes and activities to generate value to its clients, collaborating with social development in the regions where it operates.

In line with the main global trends, Camargo Corrêa was a pioneer in the heavy construction industry in Brazil by taking responsibility posture, strengthening its internal control and compliance programs. The company adopted modern corporate governance practices designed to ensure an ethical and sustainable business environment, based on technical competence.

In addition to renewing its top management in 2015, the company created a Vice Presidency for Corporate and Compliance Governance dedicated to strengthening the work already in progress of internal controls and compliance. During the year, the company took the decision to recognize and correct deviations of conduct highlighted in investigations related to bids and works of the federal government. In this sense, it has signed collaboration agreements with the Brazilian authorities, approved by the Judiciary Branch, in which it undertook to reimburse R$ 804 million to the society.

This commitment has intensified with the updating of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, which now covers more strictly also the suppliers and partners. In this context, new operational processes were adopted and the program “Know your supplier” was created, with structured procedures for approval and review of registration, among other initiatives. There was also training on ethical, internal rules of conduct and legislation updates. In classroom and e-learning formats, more than 4,800 professionals attended these activities.

For the improvement of the compliance system, it was launched the Collaboration Encouraging Internal Program (PIIC) to allow the collaboration of all workers, including those who have already left the company, to identify the acts investigated during the Lava Jato (Car Wash) Operation and to claim the protections provided for in the leniency agreements signed by the company.

Social and environmental

The year 2015 was also marked by the strategic repositioning of the Camargo Corrêa Institute - ICC, which started to dedicate exclusively to the company. During the year, the ICC team worked on 43 projects, of which 23 were completed. In addition to the 20 in progress, eight other projects are in preparation. Focusing on stimulating entrepreneurship and sustainable development of communities, the initiatives have benefited more than 2,700 people from communities where the company operates in 11 Brazilian states.

Highlight in 2015 was the project Tempo de Empreender in the municipality of Alpestre, in Rio Grande do Sul, which benefited a family agroindustrial mixed cooperative, with the provision of appropriate machinery, technology infrastructure and technical training in management. The result was an increase in income and a better quality of life for rural workers.

In Santo Antonio do Grama, in Minas Gerais, the project Novos Sabores do Grama promoted technical training to encourage entrepreneurship of local food producers, who have increased by 300% the income of the local association.

More information about Construtora Camargo Corrêa at www.construtoracamargocorrea.com.br