To foster ethics in business, Camargo Corrêa Group elaborated the Camargo Corrêa Business Code of Conduct, which gathers the principles guiding the relationship of companies, executives, shareholders, and employees.

The document is aimed at:

  • clearly stating the corporate values and consolidating them;
  • serving as a reference for the attitudes and behaviors of each employee of Camargo Corrêa Group and its companies;
  • contributing for the respect for its values at all Group companies, so that employees act in a correct, fair and respectful manner towards the community and the environment.

In addition, Camargo Corrêa Group also has an Ethics Hotline, a direct and confidential communication channel, to receive accusations, anonymous or not, of activities and behaviors that are not according to the Camargo Corrêa Business Code of Conduct.

Managed by an external consultancy firm, the Ethics Hotline treats every call in a confidential and independent way, preserving the identity of the people involved in the reports.

The channel is monitored by an Ethics Committee, formed by representatives of Camargo Corrêa Group companies, who discuss and handle the major occurrences, reporting them to the Board of Directors, when necessary.

You can make your report by e-mail or by calling 0800 702 2312, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm, toll-free.

Read the Camargo Corrêa Business Code of Conduct