A project implemented at Jirau Hydroelectric Plant ensures the use of wood from sustainable forest stewardship at strategic works of Construtora Camargo Corrêa. The reduction of environmental impacts, incentive to reforesting and the rational use of raw materials, as well as acting on the value chain, are among the commitments that integrate the Climate Agenda assumed by Camargo Corrêa Group.

A set of measures has been adopted so that the wood used by the construction company comes from a legal origin. The main one was to identify qualified suppliers. In addition to requiring a list of documents, the project took into account labor practices and the supply chain of selected suppliers, who were instructed on how to adapt to the requirements and included in the “Partnerships for Sustainability” program.

As a result of the project, new types of wood suitable for civil construction activities were also identified, avoiding the extraction of some species only, such as cedar, and making sustainable management and reforesting processes more effective.

The initiative also resulted in savings of 3.5% in expenses with the purchase of legal and sustainable wood in the first year of contract with suppliers, as a sign that we can join forces and reach competitive costs for sustainable raw materials.

Currently, the project is being executed in strategic areas of Construtora Camargo Corrêa in the states of Pará, Maranhão and Rondônia, where it is carried out in partnership with TFT - The Forest Trust, an institution recognized worldwide in the preservation of forests for development and monitoring of sustainable suppliers.