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InterCement and ICC organize municipalities to review the Municipal Education Plan

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The results of this effort will be presented for public consultation during May in 13 municipalities where the cement holding company, Camargo Corrêa Group has made social investments

To mobilize Secretaries of Education and technical teams from 13 Brazilian municipalities and prepare a document that will serve as a base for drawing up the Municipal Education Plan (PME) for the next 10 years, aligning the 20 goals of the National Education Plan is the major objective of the project that InterCement and the Camargo Corrêa Institute (ICC) have been developing since December 2014 with the support of the Educational Community CEDAC, the operations partner in this project.

The municipalities are: Nova Santa Rita and Candiota (RS), São Miguel dos Campos (AL), Jacareí and Cubatão (SP), Bodoquena (MS), Campo Formoso and Brumado (BA), Ijaci (MG), Santana do Paraíso and Pedro Leopoldo (MG), Conde (PB) and Cabo de Santo Agostinho (PE). InterCement has industrial plants at these locations and makes social investments in partnership with the community and the local government authorities

"A review of the Municipal Educational Plans is expected to take place in May, when there will be public consultations in the municipalities for the community to express how the city will organize itself to accomplish the 20 goals of the national program. The final version of the document should be approved by the council members of each municipality in June," said Flávio Seixas, Private Social Investment Coordinator of the Camargo Corrêa Institute.

Beginning 2009, when, by constitutional amendment, the PNE passed the transitional provision of the Brazilian Education Bases and Guidelines Law (Law nº 9.394/1996) for the constitutional 10 year period, the municipalities and states were called upon to discuss the topic with educators and the community.

The technical support from CEDAC is being conducted on the basis of face to face meetings and remote monitoring performed by consultants. A Commission is formed in the town that is responsible for the review process with participation of professionals from the Secretary of Education, representatives of government agencies and the community as well as those directly responsible for the preparation of the PME. At the end of this project among the ICC, InterCement and the municipalities, there will be an evaluation seminar.


InterCement has 40 factories and a production capacity of 47 million tons of cement. It is the leader in Portugal, Argentina, Mozambique and Cape Green, and the second leading manufacturer in the Brazilian and Paraguayan markets with significant operations in South Africa and Egypt.

Camargo Corrêa Institute (Camargo Corrêa Institute)

The Camargo Corrêa Institute (ICC) is engaged in the communities in which the companies of the Camargo Corrêa Group are located. Its mission is to articulate and strengthen organizations that contribute toward the complete education of children, adolescents and young people for the sustainable community development. In this regard, it has defined four social programs: Ideal Infancy, Ideal School, Ideal Future and Ideal Volunteer. For each program, projects have been devised which complement each other.